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Image by James Feaver

Production Rates

Photography Half-Day Production

Freeze moments with our 4-hour Photography solution. Top-notch gear ensures visually stunning photos. Ideal for focused, efficient photoshoots.


Photography Full-Day Production

Elevate visuals with our 8-hour Photography solution. Capture diverse settings and themes. Pricing adjusted for locations outside South Florida.


Filmmaking Half-Day Production

Capture concise stories with our 4-hour Filmmaking solution. High-end equipment, including drones, ensures quality. Final deliverable: a compelling 1-minute Recap.


Filmmaking Full-Day Production

Unleash cinematic narratives with our more than 4-hour Filmmaking solution. Cost-effective and comprehensive, slightly more affordable than two half-days. Final deliverable: a captivating 1-minute Recap.


Hybrid Half-Day Production

Experience both worlds in 4 hours. Our Hybrid solution seamlessly blends filmmaking and photography. Efficient and adaptable to various locations. Deliverables include professional photo editing and a compelling 1-minute Recap.


Hybrid Full-Day Production

Unleash comprehensive storytelling in more than 4 hours. Cost-effective and tailored for long events. Capture diverse themes with top-tier equipment. Deliverables include professional photo editing and a captivating 1-minute Recap.


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